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First Day of 2nd Year College!

Hahahah! ^_^ The first day of College school somewhat feels like just the normal days of 1styr College, but of course there's a difference ^_^. Never was a day the same... or so at least I think ^_^;

As usual, it starts with searching for my dear classmates. If ever I find someone, I sit with them, or find someone else. I tend to sit, or go, with someone I feel comfortable and relieved being with. I found my 2A classmates Efraim, Joy, Kaycee, Frances, Rose Ann, JR, with friends Rolando, Marianne, Efraim's friend, and Lorena coming later, on the East side of Chess Institute facing the ICE Faculty. (<-Did I forget somebody? Pardon, I'm trying to improve my memory... or rather, my interest in seeing you) I greeted them with my no-shame hand wave ^_^. Normal chit-chats like the usual, but they join at least a little of me in it this time. And I'm happy about it.

As minutes pass, friends leave the area for something. I find it somewhat sweet that Lorena told me she and Frances are going somewhere before leaving the area. I also left the area when Efraim and his friend was leaving. On my way to anywhere, I met up with Lorena & Frances again ^_^. We find April then.

Lorena spoke out that she forgot to bring her Class Cards and Cert. of Registration. For the Class Cards, I told her that using Index Cards as a substitute for the moment is alright, as I have done that last year. For the Certificate, well, that would have to be excused. After buying Index Cards, we found ourselves sitting on the South side of Chess Institute facing the Cashier. More classmates, of course, arrive at school.

... Is it alright telling all I know that has happened??

Mylene arrives! XD She sits on my left. There was a short talk about how hot it is. "Heto o, pamaypay.", delivers a quick wind. "Eh, hindi sapat yan." she replied. I stopped waving my fan, "Eh, ano gusto mo, AirCon? ^_^" I said jokingly. Both of us laughed. She stood up and told me that she's going to buy something, then she headed to the right. I waved at Genneilyn from afar! XD She smiled back. She doesn't seem that happy like last year, or is it just me? I waved at Rolan and Kim walking along the road. Lorena & Frances joined the two. Going back, Mylene decided to buy drinks on the other side.

I think the time is 14:10 now.

When Mylene got back, I stood up and convinced her to sit on my place. She denied. OK ^_^. The boys on the right started (teasing? annoying? joking? amusing? I don't know >_< Basta, yung ginagawa nila na pang-inis na hindi naman talaga dapat kainisan, yung bang katuwaan lang.) her. A few more times that she's been done that, she decided to sit on my place. I'm now fanning everyone.

More minutes later, Matt arrives XD. He was looking for Rolan and Kim. I told him they'd pass along here soon, so I convinced him to stay and sit beside me. Nakapagdaldal din! After minutes of conversations, I felt a need for water, so I excused myself of going to the canteen to drink. Afer getting back there, I saw Matt left alone sitting there, with Sherwin's group still on the far side. "Bna maganda siya. No, really! She's beautiful with that hair. "Hindi mo man lang pinansin ang hairstyle ni Jody," Christine said to Jordan. Oh, a topic about her hair! "OO nga, ang ganda mo ngayon." She noticeably blushed XD. I think Christine, knowing that ジョーディを好きだ was sortof cheering ^_^.
Mylene was sitting & texting alone beside Ayra's group. She seem to laugh with them sometimes, but still...


While waiting for our English teacher to go up the Rooftop, me, Jody, Christine, and Sheila talked about the sunset. They thought of taking pictures of the sunset. Then they noticed na may nakaharang or something like that. They took a picture of it, anyway. "Patingin," I asked them to let me see it. They did, with a little saying, "Uuu~y, selos yan!" Waah, no I'm not jealous of them! >3<;; Really! They even zoomed it. I looked at it and said, "Para mukhang romantic." "Selos ka lang, eh!" Christine said. "Wag mo nang tingnan, masasaktan ka lang ^_^" she jokingly I think adviced me. Like I said, I;m not jealous! >3<;;;;;. The three were laughing. I know, it's just some kind of katuwaan, so I don't feel any annoyance or anger whatsoever. And I don't want to feel that.
It's fun having these kind of moments together.

We had this cool activity in our English subject. We are told to group ourselves into two groups. Each should have a partner on the other group. The right side has been told to write any sentence/question starting with "Why", and our side "Because". I had this feeling we should answer our partner's question. Two minutes had passed, and our row was told to stand up and tell our partner the sentence we made one by one. Ho~, I knew it'd come to this. Lorena is my partner, and her question is "Why is the sky so blue?". I whirled on one place, wanting to show that it is not a very good match for my answer. "Because I have this disastrous habit that corrupts my being, as well as my social..." I haven't finished my speech yet when I heard everyone laugh in amusement, or maybe in some other way. Our instructor asked me what I'm referring to. "Pagsisinungaling..." I answered w/o much delay. "Everybody does." she replied, "Oh, you're being honest of your being a liar." I felt so I don't know after saying that. How am I supposed to feel after that? And notice the word "habit", please... Anyway, it's a great activity. After all has recited, she asked us what makes the question and answer to not match up. Somebody, or so I think, answered "because there's no communication."
... Our English teacher looks familiar. No, really! She's very familiar.

... I'm feeling much greater comfort towards Mylene these days. There's this space for freedom to move and feel. I think because I have shared my feelings with almost half of my classmates. Some months back, I was thinking that telling somebody or several persons of my feelings toward her might be disastrous, and would make Mylene be kept out from me.

The dialogues written here are not written accurately correct. I can't remember exact dialogues much yet x_x

I am thinking I'm just narrating what had happened. I'm also thinking that the readers, especially people I know, might be saying, "Just the actions? No narration of his feelings or what?".

... Like the usual days, I didn't speak much. But there was something that I said and did that is different form what I usually do, as well as some of my classmates to me, today. This would be some kind of jumpstart for a good change. But would someone be away from me because of this change? I very much hope not, or else it would sortof be...

While writing some parts of this Journal entry, WinAmp played Noriko's "Radical Dreamers". Elder Sis was singing with her... Happy Morbid feeling?

... Uhh, by the way, there's a girl in Riviera named Mylene, right? Wala lang. //>3
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