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CICT Acquaintance Party

"Yaa!" I exclaimed after Efraim pulls me near Mylene watching outside the gym window. I think he found that we're both thinking, in the opposite sight direction. He received Mylene's punches again after briefly going away from where she last stood XD. I don't know, I feel sort of laughing when she delivers a jab or usually two (to anyone, not just to Efraim ^_^;;). It makes me smile just seeing her like that. I always wonder what Mylene might've been thinking whenever she seem thinking away from the world, like what I do... I have doubts that it's about me liking her... What am I thinking? She said "Don't worry about it!", K? So don't worry about it, sheesh...

Aaah, what was I thinking!... I didn't know what to do, where to sit, to whom I will sit next to... A, Mylene changed her outfit. Efraim lent her his jacket. I was thinking, she really might not like wearing that type of clothing. It must've been a bad idea shouting "Yay! XD Buti na lang hindi alam ni Mylene na pwede Casual!" shortly after she arrived, followed by a brief silence... But she looked cute with it, and I don't mean anything but that. Well, on casual point-of-view, Efraim's jacket looked good on her somehow.

"THEODORE, ROCK ON!!" with Ernest raising my hand. Ernest looked so hyper! XD He's always been like that to me on events like these. Though I can't seem to ride with him, I'm thankful he can shout at me in that manner. It raises my cheerfulnes at least for a while.

My dance steps were at its most random style- I don't remember what I did after performing those random steps. The steps consisted mostly of hand movements/coordinations and a little footwork. A few of the steps were the moves I remember from past dances, spiced up by a little of AuditionOnline. Anyway, my classmates seem to enjoy what I'm doing. Haaah, I've never felt this cold in sweat before ^_^.

I joined Efraim's train XD. I get this very worried feeling whenever I see Mylene helplessly get hardly pushed by people with strength. Now that I think about it, I see Mylene as me being bumped hard on our JS Prom. So that's how I looked getting bumped >_<;. I cancelled going with them so as to not see Mylene get bumped. Sherwin's next to her, so she'd be OK.

Though I posed, Jody didn't include me on the shot with Miko and the others. I must've not been noticed because it's dark.

Love songs then surrounded the gym. I was thinking of dancing with Mylene immediately... A song had passed, yet I haven't done any move. While my Dance and Not Dance are colliding within my decision, Sherwin took the first step of requesting Mylene for a dance... A suppressed, sad, regretting feeling overwhelmed me. Naunahan na ako, pano ba iyan? I turned back, climbed up and stood on the highest bench, and cried... I have chickened out. I have not proven my feeling. I have strongly felt for the first time what everybody calls jealousy... "Isasayaw ka din non." Sana nga...

Not one joined me dance with Sir Jason. Is this not the time for jolly moments? Jolly moments, huh...

After getting wet on the rain and being lectured, I returned to the Gym. At least half of the dancing people are now resting. The Party is coming to a close. I'm growing mushrooms over my head on the corner of the 3rd lowest bench.

... While typing this journal, I realized that I often use Shift+Del & Shift+Ins shortcuts instead of Ctrl+X & Ctrl+V for Cut & Paste, respectively. Used to the shortcuts in TurboC++? ^_^;;
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