lloyd_dunamis (lloyd_dunamis) wrote,

Bye Bye LJ?

Uhh, lessee... With the "busy"ness, I don't think I could keep up on letting this account of mine in LJ alive. So, I decide I will maintain my DeviantArt instead, since it also has journal entries, in addition to being able to upload and share pictures and arts.
My current activity belongs to cursorpublication.blogspot.com . If you don't see my name there... well, it's because I'm the one proofreading those articles. That's our college's Official Publication... so yeah, slap me with write-ups x.x

... As for people I know of here in LJ... Well, I CAN visit your journals anytime on the net, right? (Like I would have time and writing composition to reply, anyway x~x) For contacting me, there's always the email address... =.= You know, having contact with each other simply by sending an email message.
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