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Journal Digest -Gilrome Journal.rtf-

Entering another digest of journals I've just seen lurking around our Home PC.
More on the mini-stuff I do, and more like in Twitter format - short messages and the like.
The topic's more on my journalism sideline I unintentionally joined into.

What!? Mom gave all our Readers Digest away? Geez, shocking.

>>>2008.11.21 "Ace Combat 6 Soundtrack Gameplay"
-Dammit, we're playing AC6 blindly here!8D *sob*
-Ace Combat ~The Musical~
-The Empty Castle> Hahah xD and here we establish our base!
-Toward Revival> See the next title? As a loner, we build a new foundation! (something that read Revival between the lines... something like that.)
-Vitoze Aerial Defence> 8D We'll take over/befriend Vitoze! Whatever Vitoze is! xD (Vitoze's... an Aerial Defense! :D;;;)
-Sipli Field> Not satisfied, we went to look for more victims/friends.
-... Maybe you're some bounty hunter / mercenary here.8D
-... Or maybe you're the bad guy.8D... Well, on the "enemy"'s side, anyway.
-Bartolomeo Fortress> xD Take them all down! A fortress is nothing than .

-...What am I doing?
-Read CoLA... I mean, Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapters 3-5

-Has paid tuition fee, but...
-Resumed collecting fees, this time BIT students.
-Sir Keno gave me a spanking (not physical, sheesh >.>;;) sermon of "not using their list of students who paid fees".
-Once-and-for-all Cursor Meeting for the upcoming seminar and team-building resides in the student center.

Fee-Claiming Workout! Together with Jennifer (and Jeawell at least for a while), we distributed 2008-2009 1stSemester Cursor issues and received 2ndSem Cursor Fees from more or less 600 students, counting almost 500 from 8am to 12pm!

...Fate has decided... no, rather, I have decided my fate to be...
Lined up along the assessment queue- started near the stairs by the OSP (Office of Student Publications)
-Made haiku-like group messages while in queue.
-spent almost 5hrs.

Takes over Jeawell's side for distributing Cursor 1stSem Major issues.
Reads 216_and_Asatsuki_Dou_-_Save_the_Gate, Clash_House_-_Gensokyo_Tobiscope; rereads more doujins.
Mom sermons while I'm in a bad mood. Cursor VS School. "Pano diskarte mo bukas?" "Ano plano mo bukas?" "Umalis ka ng maaga para makapag-enroll tapos inuna mo kersor (Cursor)... Di ba?"

Cleans the house for moving.
Reads [doujin Touhou] FlipFlop's Variant Youyoumu part1.
Visits [website touhou] homepage2.nifty.com/fdust.
Engages in trying to write Touhou ideas.
Surfs the net for 3:40 hours: Rumbling Spell Orchestra wiki, several Touhou fanart sites, Clash House doujin~<3,
"Positive Corrections overshadowed by Destructive Outcome"

Texts Cursor members of semi-sermon; Alicia speaks of her efforts, Jhen worries.

Acquires major subjects class cards, with 30minutes interval resting somewhere in 3rdFlr CICT/NB Bldg.
Waits for Cursor meeting for Seminar (but only a few came, thus didn't happen); Spent my 2 & half hours waiting time by sleeping, because I felt weak (start of fever).
Celebrates Tatay Ben & Nanay Miniang's Anniversary in Trinoma.Hann Mann restaurant, if I spelt correctly.

Waited a total of 8 hours for the English classcard (my classmates, only 6 hours...but still)

Internet for 4hrs
Showed Blezi IaMP, SWF, and PoFV just before my time runs out xD. OMG, Blezi's excited and hyper like heck~<3

Internet for 4hrs in Sulitech: Nowell-kun PMed us Youmu&Yuyuko pics >/////<, got ToAAnime Ep3 from YouTube (stupidly subbed >.>;;), ripped GensoRadioShow 8
Finished Eiyashou Normal FinalB with BorderTeam

Picto made her browney become a cake for Foxa |3 ~<3

-M...Mira hugged me... >/////////<... *sigh* Yeah, I guess it can't be helped... It's so tragic... This is so tragic. I don't want Cursor be out of commission even for a slightest bit...
-MS Visio kills meh >.>

-morbid about late news articles, and about not being able to write stuff in my mind.
-desperately attempted to invite random CICT students to take Kansai University students to their home for their "Homestay" activity.
-took Guiguinto Municipal a visit for list of compy specs.
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