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lloyd_dunamis' Journal

25th August, 2009. 5:57 pm. Journal Digest -LJ Entry.jce-

Another digest, this time a text file containing text meant to be posted in LiveJournal... that I ended up never posting.

Hoo boy, this is like some years ago. Edited a little parts here and there...

06-13-2006 13:10 BSU Campus (unfinished)
"First Day High"
Gee, it took me about half an hour searching for our first subject room for Tuesday. During the search, I met three of my I-A Group2 classmates, also searching for our room (Sherwin & Christine). We asked a chubby-looking man about to go into one of the ICE Rooms. He old us that our room is in Federizo Hall, under the Engineer bldg. Sherwin knew where it is, so I followed him.

Inside the hall...Collapse )

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20th August, 2009. 7:22 pm. Journal Digest -Gilrome Journal.rtf-

Entering another digest of journals I've just seen lurking around our Home PC.
More on the mini-stuff I do, and more like in Twitter format - short messages and the like.
The topic's more on my journalism sideline I unintentionally joined into.

Read on... this will be very long...Collapse )

-M...Mira hugged me... >/////////<... *sigh* Yeah, I guess it can't be helped... It's so tragic... This is so tragic. I don't want Cursor be out of commission even for a slightest bit...
-MS Visio kills meh >.>

-morbid about late news articles, and about not being able to write stuff in my mind.
-desperately attempted to invite random CICT students to take Kansai University students to their home for their "Homestay" activity.
-took Guiguinto Municipal a visit for list of compy specs.

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3rd August, 2009. 2:46 pm. Journal Digest [2009 April 6 - August 2]

Since I kind of rarely write my thoughts, I'm making some kind of digest here.

On to the digest...Collapse )

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24th July, 2009. 4:26 pm. Going back~

Aaaah, going back to Livejournal ^_^.

I kinda realized the content in LJ communities and, well, the community itself that I'll miss if I discontinue my LJ.

Hnn... Perhaps most of my story-centric, self-centric journal entries goes here, artistic and idea-blogging entries goes to my dev account, and... well, that's about it. Meh, it still depends. I might write journal entries simultaneously on both sites.

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19th January, 2009. 6:03 pm. Bye Bye LJ?

Uhh, lessee... With the "busy"ness, I don't think I could keep up on letting this account of mine in LJ alive. So, I decide I will maintain my DeviantArt instead, since it also has journal entries, in addition to being able to upload and share pictures and arts.
My current activity belongs to cursorpublication.blogspot.com . If you don't see my name there... well, it's because I'm the one proofreading those articles. That's our college's Official Publication... so yeah, slap me with write-ups x.x

... As for people I know of here in LJ... Well, I CAN visit your journals anytime on the net, right? (Like I would have time and writing composition to reply, anyway x~x) For contacting me, there's always the email address... =.= You know, having contact with each other simply by sending an email message.

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3rd January, 2008. 10:55 am. Happy New Year entry(?) o.o;

Everything I do, I get lazy on... I sit in front of my computer, turn it on, open up pictures, and stare at it. Not doing much productive things these days. Most of my journal entries are unfinished. They're one of the things I procrastinated on. Even projects. There's so many Flash projects I want to make, but my creativity, and being HARDWORKING at that, doesn't kick up!

We're moving on a new home not so far away, still in the same subdivision. The house is bunggalow, quite smaller than our current house, so we have to revisit all the dumped items upstairs and under the stairs. Phew! Sacks of clothes, a box of old toys, more boxes for dining stuff & displays (glasses, cups, frameworks)... They're just too many to handle. I mean, our house is stuffed with these old, unused items and we can't even use them in our current situation. And visiting these has led me to find more things I procrastinated on. I decided to dispose of the things that I won't be having benefit of but nostalgia- lots of it are test/scratch papers. I decided to keep notebooks (even old, brown-colored leaves), Prepaid Cards (I'd prefer keeping the old ones than the recently new Level Up! Cards)

And the fact that it's a new year... I received a quote text message: "You can't go back and make a brand new start, but you can start today and make a brand new ending" -Whit Criswell. That's right. What's keeping me not start anew because I can't end the things I'm holding on to. I'm thinking, perhaps it's better if you could just look back to "the things you had" some time in the future, but not actually want it back or something. All those things would be part of your past now, and of course has been part of my life. I think it's time to let it free from my mind's wanting.

What's worrying me about finally losing it is that it still might be of use to me at a later time. Remorse gets into me when that happens. It's like "I had it, I lost it. Now you want it back because you need it?" sort of thing. What's more regretting is that you have just disposed of that when you learned that you needed it for something!

... Perhaps that's too resourceful of me... or is it the other way around? I don't know. Maybe it has to do something with "creativity", the ability to do something not of the ordinary... Wait, that too is connected to being resourceful when you think about it... >.> I'm confused.

... Eh? Happy New Year. Yeah, the date's changed and all. Have we changed ourselves, though? Changed to good, or for the better, that is.

... K, I have written this journal for just 30mins at home. I hope I made sense out of it. If I did, I hope I get to do that more... I didn't even bother to check if it's really finished, too >.>;

Current mood: cold.

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19th August, 2007. 11:48 am. Dispassionate Thinking

Mom's lectures: "I-concentrate mo muna yung sarili mo sa pag-aaral...... na pag may kailangan lang sa iyo, tsaka lang siya lalapit....... Yung mga pumapansin sa yo, yon naman ang bigyan mo ng pansin...... Panget na ugali iyon... yung pagsamantala ng kabaitan." It finally got into me. All the care that few of my classmates give to me, all the lectures and weird definitions I receive from them... I should do something about myself. The question is, How? And with the attitude I have, I don't think... Nevermind. I'll just do it.

Current mood: depressed.

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18th August, 2007. 4:56 am. CICT Acquaintance Party

"Yaa!" I exclaimed after Efraim pulls me near Mylene watching outside the gym window. I think he found that we're both thinking, in the opposite sight direction. He received Mylene's punches again after briefly going away from where she last stood XD. I don't know, I feel sort of laughing when she delivers a jab or usually two (to anyone, not just to Efraim ^_^;;). It makes me smile just seeing her like that. I always wonder what Mylene might've been thinking whenever she seem thinking away from the world, like what I do... I have doubts that it's about me liking her... What am I thinking? She said "Don't worry about it!", K? So don't worry about it, sheesh...

Here's a happy event that later had a bit of thought disaster for me x_x...Collapse )

Current mood: cold.

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3rd July, 2007. 6:06 pm. Something's Fishy, or is it just me?

Just when I was leaving ICE4, I overheard Efraim & Mylene talking. "Why don't you talk to Theodore then?" Efraim said. Mylene replied "Masyado siyang high-level eh." or something like that. She was (I think) embarrassed when she discovered that I am just in front of her... Aheheh ^_^;

Efraim asked me, "Saan gusto mo, close blank or open blank?". I think it was "Close/Open Field"- I forgot >_<;. I answered Open. From what I understand, I will show it to her while some people (perhaps my classmates) are watching. でも, I'm not really sure of my answer, too. I was one of the people who doesn't want to let others know what I feel about someone. "But don't love without letting the person know. And don't just keep it to yourself. Say it. Wouldn't cost you a thing." is the dialogue that changed my beliefs somewhat. I didn't expect it to get this complicated...

Mylene just mentioned that the ChaosLegion isn't really working... For me, it's pretty obvious na wala kaming mapag-usapan, or it's that she mentioned that to just talk to someone; because I do that, too... But anyway, it's just what I think she thinks.

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13th June, 2007. 2:06 pm. First Day of 2nd Year College!

Hahahah! ^_^ The first day of College school somewhat feels like just the normal days of 1styr College, but of course there's a difference ^_^. Never was a day the same... or so at least I think ^_^;

As usual, it starts with searching for my dear classmates. If ever I find someone, I sit with them, or find someone else. I tend to sit, or go, with someone I feel comfortable and relieved being with. So here's another long narration ^_^;;Collapse )

I am thinking I'm just narrating what had happened. I'm also thinking that the readers, especially people I know, might be saying, "Just the actions? No narration of his feelings or what?".

... Like the usual days, I didn't speak much. But there was something that I said and did that is different form what I usually do, as well as some of my classmates to me, today. This would be some kind of jumpstart for a good change. But would someone be away from me because of this change? I very much hope not, or else it would sortof be...

While writing some parts of this Journal entry, WinAmp played Noriko's "Radical Dreamers". Elder Sis was singing with her... Happy Morbid feeling?

... Uhh, by the way, there's a girl in Riviera named Mylene, right? Wala lang. //>3

Current mood: loved.

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