lloyd_dunamis (lloyd_dunamis) wrote,

Something's Fishy, or is it just me?

Just when I was leaving ICE4, I overheard Efraim & Mylene talking. "Why don't you talk to Theodore then?" Efraim said. Mylene replied "Masyado siyang high-level eh." or something like that. She was (I think) embarrassed when she discovered that I am just in front of her... Aheheh ^_^;

Efraim asked me, "Saan gusto mo, close blank or open blank?". I think it was "Close/Open Field"- I forgot >_<;. I answered Open. From what I understand, I will show it to her while some people (perhaps my classmates) are watching. でも, I'm not really sure of my answer, too. I was one of the people who doesn't want to let others know what I feel about someone. "But don't love without letting the person know. And don't just keep it to yourself. Say it. Wouldn't cost you a thing." is the dialogue that changed my beliefs somewhat. I didn't expect it to get this complicated...

Mylene just mentioned that the ChaosLegion isn't really working... For me, it's pretty obvious na wala kaming mapag-usapan, or it's that she mentioned that to just talk to someone; because I do that, too... But anyway, it's just what I think she thinks.
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